Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poem in Your Pocket

Not to be mistaken with "Words in my Pocket" - a non-fiction, narrative column in one of Seymour's community newspapers - Poem in Your Pocket Day is today. The event, organized by the Academy of American Poets, simply requires participants to keep a poem, a verse or even a couple lines on their person so that they can quickly disseminate poems to friends and passer-bys. Here's a pocket-sized poem of mine that originally appeared in Midwest Literary Magazine's Bearing North.

“Field Day”

Field day, Port Orchard, and the slate
Sky pours itself out, closing lower field,
The big toy, and eventually even the tetherball pole.
Sequestered Under the covered area, where
On stormy days we lined up, each
Bus line ready to ship off gloomy, noisy
And unavoidably wet. There, only
Hula hoping and jumping rope were
Officially endorsed activities.
On that field day, the black top seeped
With rain water working through
Cracks or slapping off the shoe
Soles of the wet and adventurous
Rule breakers, rushing out when heads are
Turned for the thrill of it.
I stood there, wet hands, jeans,
Shock-headed and dripping:
A pioneer.

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