Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life Gets By

Without hardly wanting it, it's almost August 1 already. That date means a few things for me really:
  1. My wife and I are really having another baby, really soon. 
  2. Rent. Dang. 
  3. I need to get churning on sending out my submission for the WFOP Triad poetry contests!
  4. Ruth Lilly Fellowship announcements go out to the finalists via e-mail. It's not that I'm really harboring any expectation that I'll even get so much as a note saying "Thanks for playing, try again next year" from them, much less that I'll be a finalist; but, all the same it's a possibility. Even being labelled a finalist would be monumental for me. So far the best publicity I really get is that when you google "Ruth Lilly Fellowship" this blog is the third hit.
  5. Notifications for almost all of the other contests I entered through the spring and summer start to go out. 
It's been a dry-spell, as far as poetry goes. I've written a few, but my desk reclaimed them before I could get around to revising and typing. I feel a few more lurking, waiting for paper; it's not as easy to find time to pen them this summer.

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