Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ahead of Schedule

Last night I finished compiling my ten page manuscript for the Lily Fellowship application. While selecting poems I hit a thematic groove. Despite planning to lead the collection with "Snares", that particular piece wound up on page eight. I'm surprised by how smoothly the pieces work together. I'm quite pleased with the consistency of the entire thing.

The self-introduction, as expected, felt entirely self aggrandizing to write. Granted, submitting this application  requires that I expect that I might be selected as one of the top five most promising young American poets. I avoided introducing my poetry as if I were introducing my latest favorite, hot-off-the-press collection and chose to provide more of an artist's statement. Now, I just have to wait til August for anything to happen either way.

Here's a peak at the acknowledgment page.

Under Orion” appeared in vox poetica
Hymn to Apollo” and “Skyline” appeared in The Camel Saloon.
“The Moth” is slated to appear in Verse Wisconsin.
The Night Watch” appeared in Heavy Hands Ink.
“Laying of Hands” appeared in nibble Magazine.
Snares” appeared in Puffin Circus.
from “Toponomy” and “No Posada” are currently under consideration for publication.

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